1000 Gifts

1000 gifts
To treasure every moment, every day.

October 2011
  1. The Sweet Miracle content to cuddle beside me while I drink my coffee.
  2. Two boys who woke up easily this morning and got ready for school with no complaints and wonderful attitudes.
  3. The husband who understands my need to recharge and happily watches the kids so I can do that.
  4. The girl who likes to nap.  I needed rest today.
  5. Fun Fridays and The Amazing Race.
  6. My husband’s talent for and interest in technology.
  7. No plans on a Saturday.
  8. Amaretto in my post dinner coffee.
  9. Kids who still think we are cool.
  10.  My son’s love for others.  It never ceases to amaze me.
  11.  Big #2’s talent for dancing.  Highly entertaining.
  12.  A few blessed days of summer...in October.
  13.  Biscuits and Nutella.
  14.  Home movies.
  15.  A game called “Islands”, invented by two very creative little boys.
  16.  A family who has no need for fancy pants dinners.
  17.  Easily accessible markets where I can buy fresh and in-season produce for reasonable prices.
  18.  Flannel pajamas.
  19.  The opportunity to train and run my first marathon.
  20.  A pet hamster that provides endless joy for the three kiddos.
  21.  Fresh bread from the oven.
  22.  A church ohana that calls just to make sure we are doing fine.
  23.  Only needing one car.
  24.  Getting to play the drums at church.
  25.  A part time job where I get to feel like a professional.
  26.  A fantastic babysitter who takes amazing care of the Little.
  27.  Giggles.
  28.  Children who like to read.
  29.  Children who enjoy being active.
  30.  A husband who likes to be home with us.
  31.  The orchid on the bookshelf.
  32.  Peace and quiet after the kids go to bed.
  33.  Great big blankets to cuddle under on the couch.
  34.  A friend who is also a great cheerleader.
  35.  An opportunity to live abroad.
  36.  Finishing my first marathon.
  37.  A spontaneous hug from my boy.
  38.  Husband anticipating my needs.
  39.  Stroopwafels and coffee.
  40.  The Brady Bunch.
  41.  Camping.
  42.  Fall colors.
  43.  Big #2’s curly hair.
  44.  My own curly hair (I guess).
  45.  Bedtime.
  46.  Three fantastic children.
  47.  Big #1’s easy and infectious giggle.
  48.  Getting to go home and see our family.
  49.  Boy time while the Little and I go to the U.S.
  50.  The iPad to entertain the Little on the airplane.
  51.  Living in the country but still close to town.
  52.  The dimple in Husband’s cheek.
  53.  Wheels and wheels of cheese.
  54.  Warm blankets to cuddle under on the couch.
  55.  House Hunters on Hulu.
  56.  Finding a book I can’t put down.
  57.  Home made chocolate chip cookies.  Warm.
  58.  Starbuck’s mocha.  When you don’t get it much, it seems like such a luxury.
  59. A potty trained 2 year old.  Fantastic.
  60. Sweetness itself napping peacefully on a transatlantic flight.
  61. Fantastic parents-in-law who welcome me as their own daughter.
  62. Time for the Little and her grandparents to get to know each other better.
  63. The Little who likes her sleep, even in a new bed and a new time zone.
  64. Chocolate and peanut butter.  Can you tell I like food?
  65. Speaking of food...Graeter's ice cream.  Nothing beats caramel.  Except possibly mint chocolate chip.
    November 2011
  66. A quiet day to let The Little stay home and heal from her respiratory troubles.
  67. The light at the end of Husband's travel tunnel...at least for a couple weeks.
  68. Pajamas.
    December 2011
  69. Comfy dining room chairs (finally!) that we enjoy sitting in to talk about our day.
  70. Access to quality medical care.
  71. Packages that arrive in the mail.
  72. Chocolate and peanut butter Buckeyes(yes, still a gift).
  73. No snow *fingers crossed* yet for this winter.
  74. The joy our dwarf hamster brings to all 3 kids.