02 May 2011


The Real Story

Last week was a great summary for me of the past few years of my family's life.  But I have to be honest here.

I'm thrilled with the way we've gotten responsible for what we've been given.

I'm happy that everyone is on board with our healthier eating habits (although the kids would never turn down a happy meal, if given the chance)

I'm excited that we live in a place where one car and access to fresh local food are possible.

I feel better about the fact that I can let The Girl help me clean (because she has to do everything her mama does) without worrying about her ingesting poison or breathing toxic fumes.

But the real reason this all began...my primary motivation for making these changes...

is also the name of this blog.

I just couldn't handle the thought of shuttling between 10 after school activities while scarfing down fast food and doing homework in the car.  I was overwhelmed keeping track of all the cleaners, paper products, and disposable containers and keeping them stocked in the house.  And I hated not really enjoying what I was eating.

I needed an easier way, so I could enjoy my life and my family more and worry about our house and schedule less.  

I needed less chaos and more simplicity. 

I'm pretty sure I found what I was looking for, so I think I'll stick with it for a while.

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