22 May 2011


Prone to Hysteria

Have you noticed that nothing is news until it's NEWS!!!!! ?

Every story is some late-breaking expose alerting us to some hidden danger.

When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, I was of course fearful.  We moved to NL from Japan, and we still have many friends there.  I was worried for their safety, and of course worried about the nuclear plant.

But then I  got a little angry.  The American news stories were nothing like what I heard from my friends.

I'm not pretending there's no situation.  I'm just sick of moving from one crisis to another.

It made me realize we (in general) like drama.   Even if it means the story is inaccurate.

At my husband's work, guys like to tell stories.  The unspoken rule is that the story should be 10% true.  10%!!!  What?!?

There are many problems with all this drama, but for me, right now, the biggest one is that it makes me tired.  Seriously.  Who has the time or energy for dealing with all these emergencies?

Real life is dramatic enough for me.   I feel grateful for my normal, crazy fun family.

Well, and for the fact that I live in Europe and don't have direct access to the American news media.

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