15 November 2010


More Favorite Things

Blogs.  I write two, and I read several.  Some are to keep up with friends all over the world, and some are because I like them.  Here are a few of those and why they made this list:

This blog is very popular, and it grew quickly since its beginning in 2008.  The author now manages other blogs in the same vein:  simple kids, simple bites, simple organic, etc.  The latest post sounds like something I could have written, although probably more eloquent than I ever manage.

This is one of my favorite blogs.  I have always had a crunchy tendency, but it seems to be getting more predominant as I get older.  This is where I go to feel not so crazy.

I have the accompanying book to this blog, and it changed the way I cook.  Well, partially.  It sent us tumbling over the edge into the world of real, whole food.  We were already looking down, with one leg dangling, just waiting to take the leap.  And the yumminess in this book helped get us there.  It really is so very easy to bake delicious, fresh bread.  I do it nearly every day.

That's all for now.  Have fun checking out those new blogs, but don't forget who sent you!

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