29 November 2010


Like a Child

When we are living abroad, we try to incorporate some local culture and traditions into our own.  Currently, we are celebrating Sinterklaas Day, which is officially December 5.

In the two weeks leading up to it, children are allowed to put out their shoes for Sinterklaas to leave presents (our kids love this part).  But this creates a dilemma for me, a hater of clutter.  This is prime time to fill my house with little bits of junk that get strewn here and there.  But the kids just love that they leave food for Sinterklaas' horse and receive something in return.  How can I possibly be a Scrooge and take away that joy?

So, I started thinking like a child.  What brings them happiness?  Complicated gifts?  Worries and stress?  Nope.  Simple fun.  Laughter.  Sugar.  Breaking a food rule with that one.  But who cares.  Let it go, T.  Let it go.

Here's the result of this kind of thinking.  Sinterklaas has been bringing a lot of consumables.  Candy, of course.  Balloons that last just a couple of days.  Bubbles.  Crayons.  Chalk.  

It's working well for all of us.

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