01 November 2010


My Favorite Things

There aren't many things I would HAVE to replace if we had a fire.  I just don't get attached to much, which puts me at odds with my very sentimental 7 year old who cannot part with anything.

But there are a few products which make my life so much easier that I just adore them.  Here are a couple:

I'm not talking about the $20 cheapie from Walmart.  I've used those and am not impressed.  But when I finally invested in a good Japanese style cooker, it changed my life.  Well, at least it changed my cooking habits.  I use it several times a week, and not just for rice, although we make rice nearly every day.  But I also use it to make oatmeal (I set the timer so it's ready when we wake up), and I've used it in the past as a slow cooker also.  Talk about a multi-tasker.

Silly, I know.  But I keep a bag in the kitchen, and I use them to close up bags or keep groups of items together.  Don't underestimate the power of the rubber band.

I read about these lids on a blog I enjoy, and I knew right away they were for me.  I have four in a range of sizes; I use them to turn virtually any bowl or mug into a storage container.  My need for plastic food containers has drastically reduced, and I no longer use plastic wrap, which I hate.  They are awesome.

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