07 January 2011



Christmas is great and all, but I after a while when I look at the decorations all I see is clutter.  I can usually stand it until New Years', but even that week between the two holidays has me over my tipping point.  Which is probably why we haven't decorated for Christmas in several years, since we're never home to take it down until way past my last straw.

But, with the kids getting older and more into the actual set up, I'm trying to embrace my inner holiday spirit.

That's gone now.  It all came down as soon as we got back from our travels.  However, as I was taking everything off the tree and down from the shelves and windows, I noticed my current storage system no longer holds everything.  Since we had to buy new lights with European plugs, it put us over the one rubbermaid that held everything.  Time to move to a bigger rubbermaid!  Luckily, I had one "in stock."

As I was arranging the big items, I then noticed that the boxes that held our ornaments were pretty much useless.  Old cardboard rejects that could no longer make a trip through the postal system were hardly better suited to keep breakable ornaments safe.  So I searched for an alternative.

I found it in the form of Christmas tins.  We received several this year with goodies inside, and I decided to keep them for once since I now do some holiday baking.  I hated the thought of storing empty containers for a whole year, so I turned them into multitaskers.

They hold our ornaments perfectly.   Everything is safe in the garage, forgotten until next year.  I'm always looking for clever storage solutions, though, so leave a comment if you have a fantastic idea for storing seasonal items.  I'm looking for something super easy that I can get out of my life and forget about it taking up space in my house.

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  1. I saw an idea of using those cute decorated cardboard boxes with matching lids to store Christmas items in and then to place them into a larger plastic tote container. Sometimes the decor cardboard boxes are on sale after certain seasons.