05 January 2011

It's the Middle of the Night

And I'm up with the baby.  We've been awake for 2 hours now.  I was coming to the blog to put up my next planned post, but it seems just silly and trivial right now.  I'm sure in the light of day I'll convince myself that someone wants to read it, but right now it's just not happening.

Controlling our chaos means keeping our lives simple.  So, tomorrow, God willing, we'll have time to catch up on this sleep we're losing.  That part is easy.  I'm somewhat introverted, so I enjoy solitude.  It drains me to fill every spare moment with social engagements.  We keep extracurriculars to a minimum.  Again, simpler schedules = less chaos and more peace.

The hard part for me is the rearranging of the plans.  It can be done, since I'm careful to protect our time.  But in my head I have a list of things I want to accomplish tomorrow, and now that list will probably remain unfinished.  Maybe it's not the rearranging; maybe it's the letting go.  Maybe it's the separation of the urgent from the important.  Because the urgent things aren't usually that important. But the urgent things are the tangible ones with immediate results.  And so I fill my time with the urgent, and I sacrifice the important.

Hmm.  I could probably keep analyzing in my half-awake state, but the girl just fell asleep.  And that's important for both of us.

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