31 January 2011


Things We Live Without(as much as possible)

1.  Ziploc Bags
2.  Paper Towels
3.  Store Bought Cleaners
4.  "Unitaskers"  (for a definition and a good laugh, see one of my favorite blogs, http://unclutterer.com, for their weekly post entitled Unitasker Wednesday)

Things My Husband Says When I've Purged Too Much
(as politely as possible)

1.  What do we use instead of ziplocs these days?
2.  Where is the giveaway pile?  I can't find the ______.
3.  Have you been using Borax again? (or vinegar, or baking soda and lemon)
4.  What do I put the dishes on after I've washed them? (meaning, what in the world do I use in place of a drying rack?)


  1. Hey Tracey I was wondering what you use instead of ziploc baggies. I'm trying to eliminate them as much as possible, but sometimes can't think of anything else to use.

  2. Angela, we use reusable! We have some reusable bags called sak savers we ordered from etsy, but my favorite are called lunch skins. Visit www.lunchskins.com. They cost between $7-10 each depending on size, but they are going strong after a couple of years. They can be put in the dishwasher or washing machine, but usually I hand wash them or even just rinse them. As far as storing stuff in the refrigerator, we use old glass jars or silicone lids (ordered off Amazon) on top of regular bowls or mugs.

  3. Thanks Tracey. I love the lunchskins and are much cheaper than what Whole Foods carries. I'll be ordering some tomorrow.