19 July 2011

And She's Off

Last week, my youngest decided she didn't like diapers.  She is 2 years and 6 weeks old, and I wasn't planning on potty training her.  At least not until August, when my grandmother could help while she was visiting (bet you hadn't planned on that, huh Mugga?).

But she wouldn't leave the diaper on.

Or pants of any kind, for that matter.

After brief careful consideration, I reasoned the following:

1.  It was raining for an entire week, so we weren't going anywhere.
2.  My husband was out of town, so we weren't going anywhere (this isn't exactly true, as I go places all the time sans husband, but for additional information, please refer to #1).
3.  If K decided it was time, then it was time.

And so, I went with it.  I got out the following things, in no particular order:

1.  Google  (see this article on 3 day potty training)
2.  25 potty chairs
3.  18 towels
4.  My groove (for the potty dance, of course)

We rolled up the rugs, and away we went.  I followed her around, per my instructions, and whisked her to one of our 38 potty chairs as soon as she said, pointed, grabbed, or started to go.  If anything got into the potty, we did the customized K potty song and dance.  

I say we because I roped the 6 and 8 year old into it, too.  I bribed them with loads of *ahem* craft projects.

You know what?  Little Miss K was really, truly ready.  Not in my plans, but can I just say that the rain God sent to cancel all of our plans was extremely serendipitous, and now 


I highly recommend the 3 day potty training method if you are willing and able to make an intense commitment for a few days.  We weren't perfect in our methodology for all 3 days, but she really got it by day 1, so we didn't have to be.  It also helped that she wanted to, because I have always felt like if potty training is not initiated by the child, then you are really just training yourself.

And training yourself is exhausting.

She has been diaper free for 1 week, and we are all loving it.  Makes me kind of wish I had tried this method with at least one other child, but hey, live and learn.

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