11 July 2011


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More Birthday Jubilee

We are celebrating yet another birthday in our house.  On Friday, my oldest will be 8 (!) years old.  We tend to celebrate the whole week with little fun things each day.

For instance, this birthday jubilee week has so far entailed

  • special cereal (he got to choose ANY cereal, and he doesn't have to share).  Special thanks to Auntie Suzy and Uncle Eddie for that idea.
  • pannenkoeken (yes, that is pancake in English) restaurant where he got to eat pancakes and powdered sugar for lunch and play on the restaurant's playground all afternoon
  • geocaching on the bicycle (see here for more info)
  • a backyard campfire, complete with roasted apples
  • an early birthday present from grandma and grandpa.
These little toys are awesome.  They are do-it-yourself circuits made for kids.  The instructions are basic enough that my almost 8 year old and 6 year old put them together by themselves.  So far, we've made 3:  one that shoots a propellar into the air, one that rings a bell, and one with an air blower and ball so it looks like the ball is floating.  And daddy has been teaching them the open ended possibilities of hooking them all together to make one big circuit, or switching the wires around to achieve different results.

I don't know where ours came from, but I found one on Amazon.  They are called Connex-Amazing.

I have also heard good things about a similar toy called snap circuits.  We have given them as gifts but don't have any ourselves.  

Anyway, I enjoyed watching my boys start to grasp the concept of electricity, but I am not enjoying how fast they are growing up.  I keep telling them to stop, but they just keeping getting bigger and smarter anyway.  They never listen.

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