15 July 2011



Welcome to another Five Minute Friday, courtesy of Gypsy Mama.  Five minutes of pure, unedited writing.  

This week Lisa Jo, the Gypsy Mama, created a beautiful post that admittedly took longer than five minutes.  But the beauty of the writing was well worth it.

Today's topic?  Loss.


Most of us can look back on our lives during a time of loss.  When I think of the intimate losses in my life, I choke on the memory, on the realization that I lost part of myself.  But I cannot put it into words, here.  I cannot lay open my soul that much, in that way.

My children only know loss in terms of a game, or a small pet beetle or fish.  I want to always keep it that way.

But I know that with my loss, the death of part of me, I grew another part that wouldn't be here if not for that moment.  Those moments.  No, not replacements for the holes left gaping open, bleeding to death in the gloom of hopelessness.  Something.  Different.  Harder.  Maybe more protective.  But wiser, for sure.

So, reluctantly, I wait for the day when my boys and my sweet daughter will have to stand and face Loss without an umbrella.  Raw.  Crappy death of a part of them loss.  They too will never forget those moments.  Hopefully, prayerfully, they will someday return to them, to those raw edges, and see the blurriness around the outside of something stronger.  Shaping them.  Molding them.  Foraged by a God greater than the temporary [fear and sorrow].


*words in brackets added after time ran out.*

What kind of thoughts poured into your head when you saw the word Loss?  What sorrow are you keeping hidden, wrapped tightly in your heart, away from prying eyes?

What do others have to say?  Be sure to click on over to Gypsy Mama to find out.  I'm #70, so there are plenty of others willing to share on this difficult topic.


  1. Jumped over from Lisa Jo's molding them ... so true loss does mold us!

    It's interesting how death and loss will always be a part of life and the more people in our family and the more people we know the more loss we will experience.

    Blessings, Beth