10 September 2010


Special Spaces

I like everything put away.  All the time.  

But my family doesn't always share my view.  Not that I live with a bunch of slobs.  In fact, they are all very good at following my *ahem* requests to keep everything neat and tidy.

But sometimes, I have to let them have their space.  Sometimes the kids need to play with more than one toy at a time.  Or sometimes, just sometimes, something more important comes up that requires my husband to leave his messenger bag on the floor.

So, I've learned to compromise and deal.  My husband gets a corner of the bedroom that is not visible from the door.  And my kids get the space under their loft beds.  I hung a curtain from the beds so that the area underneath is blocked off.

The rule is that their space can look however they want, but the rest of the floor must remain clear.  For their part, they know that once things get out of hand to the point of creeping out of their space, they must put things away.

It works well because it allows them to have a sense of control, but I am still able to breathe.  

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