13 September 2010



Since we've begun living in a 500-600 square foot temporary home (and with 99% of our belongings with the movers), we've had to get creative on using items for multiple purposes.  Here are just a few examples of what can be done when you don't have a choice:

kitchen utensils = toys
bathtub = washing machine
radiator = dryer
stovetop = counter (tray fit over the gas burners - don't worry, not when it's hot!)
upper cabinets = bulletin board
bucket = laundry basket for wet clothes (to transport to our radiator dryer)
large tupperware bowl = baby doll bed
stroller = grocery cart (but I feel like a homeless person when I use it this way)
extra bed = linen storage
suitcases = storage boxes
juice glass = toothbrush holder
tabletop stereo/speakers = computer desk
kitchen towels = dolly blankets
top of utility cabinet = laundry hamper
housekeeper's cleaning supply cabinet = shoe storage
carry-on suitcases = toy boxes
piled up mattresses (had to dismantle one bed to make room for a baby crib) = changing table

The list grows every day.  Interesting how desperation sparks ingenuity, isn't it?

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