23 September 2010

The Necessities

With us living in this tiny abode, I've been thinking a lot about what we really need to live.

[As an aside, we are moving in 1 WEEK!  Things are working well for us here so far, but it doesn't feel like home because none of the stuff is ours.  I'm excited to get our couch and sleep in my bed with my pillow.  And I'm excited for the boys to not have an hour commute to school, especially because the younger one falls asleep every single day on the way home.  It kind of messes him up.]

When we packed our stuff to move over here, I went through the whole house purging.  I do this at every move, and sometimes in between.  Seeing your life boxed into so many crates does that to you, especially when you know you have to unpack all that on the other end.

I felt like I did a pretty good job streamlining everything, but I wonder if I'll still feel that way when we move into our permanent space?  Or will I unpack something and wonder why in the world I felt it necessary to keep?

Our belongings were packed up at the end of July.  If we've gone this long without it, what will make it necessary once we get it back besides my desire to have stuff?

I am going to ponder this topic here on the blog category by category in an effort to truly evaluate what my family needs.  I'll try to do it all this next week, before I actually see any of it and start justifying my needs and making excuses.

First up:  The Office.

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