20 September 2010


My husband likes to tease me.  Not all the time, but he does tease me (in fun) about my desire for order.  I know I have some *quirks* that might border on the obsessive, but I am usually able to defend my position by pointing out the dish that sits in the sink for an entire afternoon unwashed, or the junk drawer.

But my biggest piece of incriminating evidence is when my toddler girl likes to play with the broom and dustpan.  Or place items neatly on the shelf.  Or wipe the table and chairs.  

But all toddlers like to do that stuff!  Right?  Right?  Maybe.

That, however, is no match for the latest indictment.  My 7 year old son wanted to earn some "commission" money (another post for another day), so he chose to organize the toy shelves in the living room.  Then, when the toddler pulled some stuff down, he said, "Uuugh!  She had better put that away herself!  I just cleaned it!"

For some reason my husband thinks he takes after me.


  1. My toddler loves to clean as well - he loves the vacuum, the broom, wiping the floor and putting small toys in buckets (one.at.a.time). However, our son comes by it naturally b/c my husband is the neat-nik in our family. Thank goodness he doesn't take after his mother...

  2. The other day my toddler "urped" and grabbed the nearest cloth to wipe it up. Unfortunately, the nearest cloth was my fleece jacket.