18 October 2010


Survival Mode

I don't know how fun this is, but you have to write about your reality.  Here's mine:

Do you ever look at your upcoming calendar, compare it to your time available, and say, "How did this happen?"  That is where I am this week.

We're new here, we don't really know anybody, and yet somehow my entire week is booked solid.  It's actually more like 10 days.  Nope, not just popular, but wouldn't that be nice?  Maybe in junior high...

But I digress.  My point of my ramblings is that when things get this chaotic in my life, I resort to survival mode.  The first thing to go is usually the cleaning, although that relaxes me, so I often keep a little in so I don't go crazy.  The next thing is the cooking.  We move to dinners I have previously frozen, simple bread and cheese kind of stuff, or even Fend For Yourself.  Gone are the awesome healthy quinoa and spinach superfoods.  Noodles and cheese it is.  Then I divide up what needs to happen on each day and how long those chores will take.  I create my to-do list from there and take it one at a time.  Or 10 minutes at a time if I have to.

Here's my week:
Sunday:  put together a traditional breakfast for kid#2's school breakfast on Monday, run (training for a race), work on Halloween costumes, carve pumpkins
Monday:  bake breakfast for said school function, speak to kid#1's class about my job (not Mommy of the Century, which I do 24/7, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, because that is apparently the interesting one), bake 3 loaves of bread for upcoming potluck and for dinner tonight (yet to determine what will go with that bread)
Tuesday:  Potluck, bake 2 more loaves of bread for coffee with the neighbors (Dutch tradition for new people on a street to invite the neighbors over for coffee), finish Halloween costumes
Wednesday:  Volunteer at school for Halloween party, visit gymnastics class for kid#1
Thursday:  Bake more bread for more neighbors' coffee
Friday:  No school (enough said, right?), pack

This is on top of regular stuff like lunch making, cooking, and taking care of a toddler and two other kiddos, and somehow I need to run at least a few days.  But one at a time, right?

Because, at the end of this week...we're going to Paris.

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