12 October 2010

Just One More Thing...

Sometimes late at night when I get to organizing, I can't stop.  I just have to do one more thing, and then one more thing after that.  It's especially difficult right now with our house only partially unpacked.  But at some point I have to be smart and realize that it's ok to leave things unfinished, especially when I have an early morning and three kids to take care of.

My project this evening was our office area.  I mentioned before that we like to use standing work spaces.  But the difficulty is finding the ideal way to make a functional but attractive work area.

This is what we came up with, and this is my organization of it so far.  We needed a piece to act as a room divider, both because the dining room was way too big to just be a dining room, and because while we are standing we like to be facing out rather than a wall.

Obviously, the printer cannot be housed here, but we have always connected the printer wirelessly and placed it in a remote location.  We are still working on power source solutions...I think we're going to place a surge protector on a shelf and route the cord through the bookshelf and out the bottom.

We use the top for working, and our two laptops hide on the two top shelves when they aren't needed.  Right now I'm in the process of prioritizing what office supplies need to be most accessible, and balancing that with how to keep the toddler from helping herself to the scissors.

What do you think?  Will it work?  I hope so, because I am really excited about it.  Man, sometimes even I think my giddiness over organization stuff is pretty lame.

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