29 October 2010



Lots of families don't like to cook on Friday nights, and we are with that majority.  There's something about making it through another week that makes me want to forget the fact that I have to provide food for my children to eat (nevermind husband).  

So we try to coincide leftovers with Friday nights, as I'm sure many of you do.  But it doesn't always happen, mainly because a lot of our leftovers get used in lunches.

So we invented FFY.  Any guesses?


Friday nights are often FFY.  Most anything goes on FFY nights, but the kids still have to get the ok before they can eat something.  It's either that or let them rot their teeth out with spoonfuls of sugar poured directly into their mouths.  Just because I'm forgetting about dinner doesn't mean I have to completely neglect the kids.

And for the toddler who can't yet truly fend for herself - although she tries very hard to do so - a tray of finger foods that she can help herself to.  Toddlers were made for grazing with those tiny tummies but huge desire to feed themselves.  

Some nights we do partial FFY, with me putting out food for everyone, not just the toddler.  But other nights it's all out "if you can find it, you can eat it, just get it yourself."  You can imagine the type of week that precedes that dinner.

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