15 October 2010

Mommy's Time Out

It's 8:30 AM and I am sitting on the couch in my pajamas, doing nothing but surfing the internet and reading blogs.  8:30 AM!!!

Usually I am running by now.  Literally.  I have a race coming up in a couple months, so after the boys go to school my toddler and I hit the streets.

But, today my toddler decided to wake up too early, and by the time the other kids left she was ready for a nap.

So, I'm taking a time out.  And it feels great.

This does not come naturally to me.  I am a mover, not a sitter.  Most days I don't sit down until dinner.  And then after dinner I keep going until the jobs are done.

But yesterday was a particularly rough day.  Thank you to my husband for helping to make it less rough.  You are amazing.

So after I took out the trash (in my pajamas), I grabbed my coffee and sat down.  This is what will get me through the rest of today.  I plan to sit here until K wakes up, however long that will be.  It needs to happen, no matter what other pressing matters are filling my schedule.

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