02 December 2010

Christmastime is here...

I can hear the  Charlie Brown Choir singing everytime I see those words.  I've never been much of a decorator myself, because, well, it adds clutter.  Go figure.


Now that I have kids, things are changing a little.  They love listening to Christmas music (thank God for internet radio, though, because my husband only approves of two Christmas CDs to be in our possession), and they love putting up decorations.

I'm still me, though.  Simple, orderly, nothing too fussy.  No clutter, no chaos.  They were cool with that.

But where I let them loose was on this year's gift wrapping.  I try to not buy too much wrapping paper.  It seems to me that we can come up with alternatives that are fun, creative, and less wasteful.  In the past we have reused bags, boxes, and tins.  We tie ribbon around scrap fabric.  We use old maps (my husband has access to lots of expired flight charts that would otherwise be thrown out).

What do we have on hand this year?  Lots and lots of packing paper left over from the movers.  So, the boys colored it and taped decorations like scrap ribbon to it.  Then they started wrapping.  It looks like something a 5 and 7 year old would do.  In an interesting sort of way.  Not perfect.  But fun and creative and less wasteful.


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