02 February 2011


Child's Play

I have a shadow.  She's a couple feet tall, super cute, and says Mama about 50 times a day.  She's my baby, our third and last, and she absolutely cannot leave me alone.  Fortunately, I've encountered this before.  Twice before.  And so, even with this move into our three story Dutch row house, it's no problem.  

I just have a small toddler play space in every area of the house.  It's not a big area, and my house isn't overrun with toys.

In the kitchen, K has a drawer and a cabinet full of unbreakable kitchen items.

In the office area, K has a small box and a shopping cart, and the back side of the bookshelf/divider holds puzzles and books.

On the second floor, well, she pretty much rules.  She has a few toys in her room, and in the multipurpose/project/play room.  I just shut doors of rooms where she can't go.

And the top floor?  More of the same.  Small box in the corner of the room.  She knows where her things are in every area, and it helps me get things done during the day.  A lot of the time, the toys aren't even toys.  Kitchen items, some of my old jewelry, a broom and dustpan.  She likes to imitate.  Most toddlers do.  It works.

And they're not big areas either.  Small.  Child sized.  Just the way kids like them.  It works.

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