25 February 2011

Just One Thing

If you could snap your fingers and change just one thing about your family and lifestyle, what would it be?

eating healthier?

fewer commitments outside the home?

less clutter?

Now, just take that one thing, and find one way to move toward that goal.

Do you want to eat healthier?  Replace one meat meal a week with a vegetarian one.

Do you want to have fewer commitments outside the home?  have everyone choose their top one or two activities, and mark when they are.  Do what you need to do to find a day when nothing is planned, and fiercely protect it.  Mark it on the calendar as the Do Nothing Day.

Do you want less clutter?  Choose one bothersome area (i.e. mail center, clothes, closet).  Empty it, and refill it with only what you absolutely need.  Can't get rid of the rest?  Put it in a box, put it in a garage or on a shelf, seal it up, and keep it for 6 months.  Open it if there's something in there you must have, but if it's still sealed after 6 months, donate the items.

Do one thing, in one area.  Then do another.  And another.

Realize that one area you want to change is most likely a small part of a bigger area you want to change.  But also realize that change cannot happen if you are paralyzed with fear, frustration, or being overwhelmed.  One tiny step will start the forward motion to get you to where you want to be.

Just one thing.  Just one step.

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