15 February 2011


Homemade bread.

Homemade potato leek soup.

Homemade cheese.

This meal made me happy.  Of course it was delicious.  Of course it warmed me up on a cold winter evening.  And of course it was super easy.

But what made me happiest is that I knew every single ingredient that went into the making of this meal.

I knew every tiny detail.

My family ate well at this meal.  We didn't worry about the fat content, the msg, or the high fructose corn syrup.  We ate until we were full, and we enjoyed every bite.

So many fads, so much monitoring calories, fat, sugar.  Not enough enjoying fresh, whole foods.

Since we stopped worrying about using butter instead of margarine and started only eating foods whose ingredients we could pronounce, we have not gained any weight.

Since we stopped trying to limit our carbs and instead started baking our own bread, we have become healthier, not sicker.

Since we stopped eating food products created in a laboratory and started eating foods that are raised or grown, we have enjoyed eating.

But I should say we are trying to do all of these things.

Because right now the M&Ms leftover from last night's movie are calling my name.

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