27 February 2011

The Rainbow of Green

I hate the term "going green."  I hate it that people can buy bamboo floors for their house and call themselves "green."   That is still consumerism.  It's still fabricating new materials and shipping them all over the country and the world.

I hate that green is the newest buzzword, but we all pretend like it means something.  Like organic, modular, and eco-friendly.  Like retro, vintage, and shabby chic.

Green is a color.  It comes in all shades.  It is not a lifestyle, and it doesn't make you a better person if you salt your speaking with these words.

I am not green.  I am human.  And I am getting tired of all of our stuff.  And all of our waste.  And with how complicated our lives get so easily, so effortlessly.  And how it takes so long to bring back the simplicity.

And so I would never describe myself as green.  I would only say that we have been entrusted with much, and we are trying to be good stewards with time, money, and land.  It's a big job, and it's not going to get done by buying bamboo floors.

But no matter what the color of my life, I can only do what I can do.  Hopefully every day it's a little more.  And hopefully every day I can move a little closer to being a "good and faithful servant."

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