09 July 2010

The Big To-Do

Maybe I am making a broad assumption, but I would guess many of us make to-do lists from time to time.  I, for one, am addicted to the post-it note.  I have such high tech options available to me, but I still utilize the beloved post-it on a regular basis.  And no, I am not a spokesperson, unfortunately.  But I always have viewed the To-Do list as a very adult way to get things done.  I mean, what 6 year old makes a list?

It turns out, lots of them do.  Or, at least, many would be open to doing it given the opportunity.  I learned this tip in my job working with children.  Yes, I have my own kids.  But it took me using my professional capacity to realize that kids respond very well to this tool.

A simplified version of your own To-Do will go a long way in getting your kids involved in your daily tasks and errands.  Give each kid their own copy of the list, and keep it short and manageable (you should be doing this for yourself, too!).  Have them cross off each item as it gets done, and the readers in your family can tell you what comes next on the list.  When it comes to family responsibilities, give each child their own checklist of things to be done.  Use pictures or drawings if needed, and have fun!

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