10 July 2010


The Junk Drawer.

Experts say there is a “point of diminishing returns” for many things, and certain household chores are no exception.  As an aside, what makes one an expert?  Is that a title that can be bought, or does someone have to bestow it on you?  Anyway, today’s Forget It Friday addresses this point of diminishing returns with the junk drawer.  Everyone has one, or maybe more than one.  When we moved into our temporary house, I swore I would keep all the drawers in the kitchen organized.  What I learned was that with the kiddos and the husband, it was way more work and frustration to keep a system for small items and have everyone follow through.  So, I’ve learned to let it go and forget it.  I have two kitchen drawers that I don’t need for kitchen items.  They are slightly organized in that they have silverware trays in them but there is no method to what is placed in what tray.  While the smaller compartments make finding things a little easier, it is still essentially a place for junk.  And it’s ok with me.  Now, on to that toy closet…

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