12 July 2010


What could be more fun than a LABEL MAKER???

I use mine for everything...I label food in the freezer, I label boxes for storage, I've even used iron on tape to label clothing for school.

Sure, you could use a sharpie, but if you ever want to repurpose something, you're stuck.  And at this house, my container needs change regularly, so I end up re-labeling things.  For instance, I have rubbermaids to hold the baby's out of season clothes, and one to hold her future clothes (mostly hand-me-downs or things bought on sale in the off season).  Sometimes I have to switch containers depending on how many items of clothing I need to store, especially if I am storing winter items.

I got mine several years ago, and it's still going strong.  It is definitely worth the investment, and it's fun in a "you're kind of weird but whatever" sort of way.

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