28 July 2010

Moving Day

I missed both Forget It Friday and Funday Monday.  Well, my fun day Monday was watching our movers pack up our life and send it to the Netherlands.

And today my fun day was...


yuck yuck yuck.

But it is much easier to do when there isn't stuff everywhere.  Yet another reason for me to keep it simple.

Do you think I could get by with no furniture or toys?  It's fun to camp, right?

Well, as chaotic as it seems at the moment, things went rather well.  Only a  few items got packed away that shouldn't have, and none of them were critical (like passports).  We have a couple weeks visiting family before we're off on our new adventure, so starting tomorrow we're officially nomads.  Blog posts might be sporadic, but stick with me.  I'm sure I'll learn many things not to do when traveling with children, and I'll share them as soon as I can.

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