18 March 2011



I didn't make my bed today.

I didn't follow the cleaning schedule.

I don't know if the kids brushed their teeth before bed.


I spent time with my husband and kids.

We gave our son an early birthday present.

And we ate homemade pizza for dinner.

Sometimes there's a tradeoff.  Sometimes it's not homemade pizza, it's rice with cheese.  Sometimes it just really doesn't matter.

But every day that I strive towards my ideal, every time we eat homemade, real food, every day we make a step towards good stewardship of our resources, well, it's better than a day when we don't.  

My biggest struggle, though, is to not feel guilty about the floor that didn't get swept or the bowl of cereal the kids ate for dinner.  I'm prone to guilt, even when no one is making me feel guilty.  How do I get over that?  

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