30 March 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

**Sorry, another short one.  Did I mention we're in survival mode?**

Not long ago, on one of our Fun Friday pizza making nights, I was chatting with my son's school friend.  Somehow, the topic got around to food.  Not hard for a 7ish year old, but the next part of the conversation surprised me a little:

friend:  what are you having for dinner tonight?
me:  we're making pizza.
friend:  making pizza?
me:  yes, we do that a lot on Fridays.
friend:  aww man, I wish we were making pizza!  All we ever do is order it!

If there is one thing you can rely on, it's that kids will say what's on their minds.  No sugarcoating, no holding back.

If I ever wonder if I'm somehow depriving my children of some innate right to eat fast food and go out all the time, I can just remember this conversation.  Home made food is instinctively appealing to even our most discriminating tastebuds.

So, if making food from scratch is cool, does this make me cool?  I choose yes.

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