09 April 2011

Even More Confessions

#1:  I forgot AGAIN to do Forget It Friday.  I'm taking it too literally...

#2:  I forgot to bathe my kids this week.  Well, I remembered on Thursday, but before that who knows.  I used to bathe the kids every night as a bedtime routine, but now that they don't get home from school until 4pm, it's a mad rush to have some much needed downtime, do homework, eat dinner, read, etc.  Who needs a bath?

#3:  It was the kind of week where the cleaning schedule went out the window, I went to bed at least an hour too late every night, and frankly I'm just glad we all survived.

BUT, it was also the kind of week where it was sunny and pretty warm almost every day, flowers were blooming, and we just couldn't stay inside doing boring "jobs."  Instead, we planted flowers, lettuce, and spinach, cleaned up the mound of dirt by the hole the boys are digging (it was piled on top of some bushes, which the bushes didn't like), and hung our laundry outside.  We rode our bikes to do errands, and I ate spinach and asparagus, and the first greenhouse tomatoes of the season every night for dinner.

After I put the kids in bed I took my computer and my book outside and sat until my toes nearly froze off and I couldn't see the screen of my Kindle.

With a week like that, who has time for chores?  I love spring.

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