11 April 2011



My 7 year old has a big plan.  He's going to own an organic farm with he grows up.  

Many small children like farms, but outgrow them.  Not him.  His plan just becomes more and more elaborate as he gets older.

We recently took a trip to Luxembourg.  We stayed on a farm.  He took informational pictures of the equipment.

His farm will have cows so he can have fresh milk, chickens for fresh eggs, and lots of plants.  He will use bugs instead of chemicals as pest control.  He will use some machinery, but he will also use animals for labor when he can.

He will grow wheat that he will grind into flour.

He will also make his own bread dough and pasta so that he can have a pizza parlor and Italian restaurant.

We are invited to live on his farm.  But not in his house.

Think we still have a huge influence on his life?

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