01 April 2011



I fed my daughter a lot of Odwalla bars this week.  Too many, probably.

Some were to keep her awake in the car.  Some were to keep her quiet in the store.  And some were to replace a meal.

I tend to avoid convenience food, true.  I try to make things from scratch, true.  But I have not yet given up every convenience as a matter of principle.

The point is, we make choices and pick our battles.  We prioritize and hope we've made the right decision.  

But in the end, we do what we have to do.  I keep a stash of protein bars, macaroni and cheese, and ramen in the pantry for weeks just like this one.  Weeks when I don't get around to making the homemade granola, crackers, and pasta.  Or even make it to the market, for that matter.

I just try to make informed decisions rather than ignorant ones.  I read ingredient labels and choose the best option, even with the convenience foods.  

Since I take responsibility for my life and for the life of my family, the things I bring into this house, the things I feed to all of us, are things that I take responsibility for as well.  

So, on weeks like this one, I can look back at all the "good" weeks and realize that it somehow all evens out.  Or something like that.

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