11 December 2010


Embracing the Chaos

Today's Forget It Friday is coming to you on Saturday morning, but it was too good to pass up.  Plus I live in Europe, so in America it's still the middle of the night so you'll wake up and this post will be done and you'll be none the wiser.  

Except that I just admitted my delinquency.

I am still learning to let go.  Oh, how the mess makes me crazy!  But this morning my kids wanted to build a blanket fort, and my immediate thought was, ooh, entertainment!  So I gave in.

And even though I have to try very hard not to clean all this up and get rid of all this chaos, it's much easier when I can sit here and witness their joy and creativity.  

My goal is to forget this mess for the weekend.  Let them have their fun.  On Monday they will go back to school, and the craziness will have run its course.  But for now, Chaos, you are welcome in my home.  Well, in this one area of my home.  For now.

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