15 December 2010



Is it just me, or do toys seem to walk to the middle of the floor when you aren't looking?  With my older boys, it's easy to contain their messes:  they know that their small stuff must stay in their room, and anything they bring downstairs must be taken back up before the end of the day.

But the toddler.  The girl.  We're still in the keep-a-few-toys-in-every-room stage.  You know, so she has something to do when she follows me all over the house.  Usually it's just a small basket, but we have a few more downstairs in our main living space.

But oh, the mess!  If I put them all in one container, she isn't interested in digging through it.  But if I leave them out, well, it's just chaotic.
So, I did this:

The front side of this bookcase faces the dining room, and the back side faces our office area.  The office is in a corner and does not receive any walk-through traffic.

This solution works for me because my daughter's toys are out and at eye level, making them easily accessible.  And yet from almost any other angle, they aren't even noticeable.  I rotate what gets put on the shelves so it's always interesting.


As with anything else with toddlers, this solution will probably have to be changed in a month or two.  But for now, it works, and we're sticking with it.

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