08 December 2010



We went to Cambodia a couple years ago, and we stayed at a bed and breakfast that is also a nonprofit group that empowers local people to earn their own income, builds clean drinking wells in small villages, provides free English classes to children, and gives scholarships to university students.

 Their motto is "See a Problem, Solve a Problem".  I love this motto because although Cambodia is a third world country, this particular organization doesn't just give hand outs.  It teaches people to do for themselves, to make their own way, with whatever resources they have.

I mentioned that we were adopting a Christmas tree this year.  I've never been much of a Christmas decorator, but this year I promised two very cute little boys that we would have a tree.  With our increasingly granola tendencies, we did not want to use a cut tree.  But I've never heard of any other options.  I started seeing potted trees at garden stores and thought maybe we could use one of those, but holy cow they were expensive.  And then...the perfect solution.  Adopt a tree.  I have to admit, the solution came to me, I didn't create it.  But those people at the tree farm did.

And we can too.  After all, it's WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY, right?  See a problem, solve a problem...

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