10 June 2011

Five Minute Friday


Once again, I'm participating in Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday.  Five minutes of pure, unedited writing.  No worrying about perfection.  Just writing on a word provided by Gypsy Mama.  I then link my blog to hers.  So head on over to read everyone's thoughts on...


When I was little, backwards was cool.  I sometimes wore shirts backwards, walked backwards, and talked in backwards sentences.  My kids went through a phase where they would only wear their shirts backwards and inside out.  I suppose it was a way to express individuality.

But at some point in my life, backwards has taken on a quite different meaning.  I no longer use it to express something cool or fun.  Now, backwards means things didn't go as planned.  Upside down and backwards.  Yuck.

When did that happen?  And why?  I guess when I started desiring more order, more planning.  My childhood didn't need that.  It was just simple fun.  And now I want that simplicity back.  Now I want some days to be backwards and upside down and all willy nilly.  And I want to love every minute of it.  

So I plan to be simpler,  I cut things out, and I point out the simple pleasures to my children.  I stop moving forward, turn around, and start moving backwards.  And I enjoy it for what it is:  (simply fun).

Stop (words in parenthesis are the finishing thought after time's up)

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Also, kudos to the blogger before me in the link, Linda, for her thought provoking five minute look at moving forward.


  1. Great post. If we could only keep a bit of that childhood mentality and find ways to enjoy even the backwards things in life!

  2. Learning to enjoy looking backwards...good thoughts :) I definitely want to embrace more childlikeness in my life!! It is fun!

  3. Well thanks for saying so, ladies. Nice to know I'm not the only one!