24 June 2011


Eyes Full of Wonder

Another week has flown by and I'm trying to remember where it all went.  It scattered little bits of itself all over town, I think.

Time for Five Minute Friday, courtesy of Gypsy Mama, five minutes of pure, unedited, thoughtful writing on a word she provides.

This Week?  



When I look into the deep brown or crystal clear blue eyes of my gorgeous children, I see in them the wonder of taking in all the things this world has to offer.  They innocently look into the very center of the yellow gerber daisies I have on the dining room table, wondering how in the world the bee collects the pollen and takes it to the next place.

They watch the tomato plants go from just plant to tiny green bulbs and then turn red until they are just bursting, and then watch as I carefully pluck them from the plant and pop them into my mouth.  They wonder how in the world that tomato plant knows what it is supposed to do when it starts as a microscopic seed.

They watch the airplanes take off from the nearby airport and wonder how in the world someone ever invented wings and engines and cockpits clever enough to lift itself off the ground when it gets going fast enough.

They ask me all these questions, and I explain as best I can.  

And then I wonder how in the world some people cannot see the Wonder Of It All.  How it happens that we keep going day after day without stopping to wonder, without seeing Who is Behind all of this Creation?

And then I get busy with the laundry and the sweeping and the cooking and the blogging, and my wonder gets buried under all the tyranny of the URGENT.


Hmm.  Not sure if this made any sense at all.  But hey, Fridays are for writing, not second guessing.

Be sure to stop by The Gypsy Mama to read everyone's thoughts on Wonder.  I'm #12, and thanks to #11, Moonlight and Sunbeams for her post, including her "cheater" post that she wrote long ago.


  1. Hey there...so sweet and true...how much wonder do we miss?? Great to 'meet' you through the Gypsy mama and some great five minute writing, you know:)

  2. Well, great to meet you too! I love connecting with everyone through the Gypsy Mama.