15 June 2011


Bits and Pieces

When oh when does the To-Do list end?  

Will I be free, ever again?

Alas, it seems not, til my kids are grown

And all have To-Do lists of their own

How do I cope?  What do I do?

Especially since Husband is gone (boo hoo hoo)

I break it down bit by bit

Enough to swallow, enough to fit

Into my day filled with running and toys

And cooking and cleaning and and a girl and two boys

I try to have no more than three or four

To-Do items each day (but sometimes it's more)

So beginning each week I sort it all out

I list and then move the items about

Until all the things fit and deadlines are met

And then I feel like I am all set

It's not overwhelming a step at a time

And now I'm done with this silly old rhyme.

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