27 June 2011


Birthday Jubilee

Today is my 35th birthday.  I like my 30s...I'm much less impulsive and in general less stupid than I was a decade ago.

To celebrate my birthday jubilee week, here is what I have lined up:

  • a husband who is not traveling - Huzzah! 
  • time with family
  • two blocks of time to myself, one for projects that always get pushed aside and one for frivolous me time
  • summer-like weather in the Netherlands, finally
  • reading magazines
  • week 5 of marathon training
  • possible haircut and/or pedicure
  • planning for our upcoming Austrian camping adventure
Ok, so I probably didn't have a hand in planning all of those things, but I guess God knows how much I like summer and wanted to surprise me.  Thanks, God.  And some of those things would probably be happening even if it weren't my birthday, but now they're going to be done in a festive way.  With singing and dancing, preferably.

Thank you also to my amazing husband.  He gave me a foot massage last night and planned to work from home later this week so he could keep The Girl and let me do Whatever I Want.

I feel blessed to have another year of health, family, and fun.  Oh Happy Day!

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