05 June 2011


I've got nothing to get on my soapbox today, so I'm trying something new.  I'm participating in a link up to a blog I've recently started reading.  At The Gypsy Mama, she does Five Minute Fridays, where she introduces a topic and invites readers to write for five solid minutes on that topic, no editing.  Just pure unadulterated thoughts.  This week's is entitled Every Day.  So, ok, I'm also a couple days late, but that's just the way it is.  So here goes:

Every Day I wake up intending to see my day and my world for what it is.  I intend to cherish my moments with my children, I intend to get a couple things done, I intend to create wholesome food for my family.

Sometimes the intentions change slightly, if I have to go to work or to Dutch class or fit in a long run.  But mostly they stay pretty similar.

But Every Day I have the threat of forgetting my intentions following me.  And sometimes catch up with me.  My couple minutes on the computer turns into a half hour, and the book I was going to read to my sons is still sitting on the bookshelf where they brought it to me.  Then I look at it and wonder how did that happen?  Again?

But Every Day I get to try again.  Every Day I wake up with the intentions of living a full life all over again.  For appreciating this adventure we get to have of living in a new country and having new experiences every day.

And because of those Every Day intentions happening Every Day, sometimes, sometimes, I get the chance of seeing them through.

And that makes Every New Day wonderfully, blissfully, hopeful.

Every Day.


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