19 August 2011


Sorry, I'm New At This

Friday again.  Last Friday before school starts.  A special day out with the Bigs, while great grandma got a special day with the Little.

Time for Five Minute Friday, courtesy of Gypsy Mama.

Five minutes of pure, un-obsessed-over writing.  Just for the joy of it.

Today's word?  New


I rush through the morning routine.  I rush to take my shower, clean the house, plan and cook the meals.  I rush through story time and I rush through getting the laundry on the line.  I rush through getting her dressed, because this is all routine, old hat.  Nothing new.

I get exasperated with every "mama", every tug on my clothes, every needy sound coming out of their mouths.  Can't they just do it themselves?

I look down at the 2 year old asking me "what's this?"  I glance over at the 6 year old, asking me "do you spell down D-O-W-N?" I notice the 8 year old excitedly asking - no - begging me to watch what he learned to do with his circuit device his grandpa sent him.
I realize it's all new for them.  Every day is a new adventure, full of wonder, exploration, things to learn.
I stop what I'm doing.

Forgive me, precious ones.  You see, I'm new at this.  Eight years might seem like a long time to be a mother, and sure, I work with children in my job, but I'm still new at this.  This moment.  At realizing that this moment will not repeat itself.

I'm new and I'm sorry for making it seem like this moment is old and unimportant.  It's not.  It's full of newness and life, just like you.  


Sometimes five minutes is a very short amount of time.  Please, please, keep every day new.  For them.  For you.

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  1. Love it Tracey, what an awesome post. You are right, and this is an awesome reminder. Everything IS new for them. As always, thanks for the reminder. :-)

  2. Thanks, friend. Wow you read that fast - I just posted it!

  3. I am so right with you in all of this. So well said. I forget that it's all new to them. I forget that I should be seeing each moment with such freshness myself.

  4. I am still new at it, still learning from mistakes. And they all left home for college. For the first time, I have no kids at home. I didn't quite get the hang of the old before the new began!

  5. Well, I guess we all have a lot to learn, don't we? We can try again tomorrow.

  6. I have to remind myself daily (and most days I forget) that these things they want to show me or share with me are new to them. I need to not quickly nod or discredit their new. Before we know it, they will be older and they won't be needing us so much for the little things and demanding our attention and these new things won't be new to them. Thanks for the reminder and reality check. God bless you!

  7. Let's never let the wonder go out of the everyday little moments because one by one the little moments make up our lives. Thanks for sharing this lovely post!