01 August 2011

Going Barefoot Week

Part I:  What the Heck?!?

This is not a running blog, because I am not a runner.  I run.  But that's different.  Run-ners are people you can tell with one look spend their free time running.  Ultra-toned legs, graceful strides.  So not me.  My legs are kind of thick.  My form is not pretty.  But I run, because I love it.

So, as far as running goes, I have nothing to add.  I can share the links to running blogs that I enjoy reading.  Maybe for a Monday post.

But my addition here has to do with simplification.  With my questioning of why things have gotten so complicated.  Chaotic.

Like, why do we need 18 different cleaners (all chemically based, with carcinogenic properties) - one for just kitchen sinks, one for kitchen floors, one for kitchen counters, etc, etc, etc?

Why must spaghetti sauce come from a jar?

Why must everything have some form of corn product or syrup?

And why, oh why, do I need a fancy, pillow-top, cushiony shoe to help my feet do what God made them to do?

And so began my journey into barefoot, or minimalist, running.

Fitness Friday Blog Hop


  1. Wow. I have never run barefoot. I am curious to see how you like it.

    I agree with you on the spaghetti sauce...and processed meats, things out of a can and box and people who don't buy fresh produce (I once got behind a man at the grocery store who had 12 cans of chili 4 liters of coke and two frozen pizzas in his cart. Hello!)

  2. I think you are a runner because you run!


  3. Welcome to Fitness Friday! Everyone I know that runs, runs because they love it :) You make a good point and I've read very convincing "that makes so much sense" articles but, minimalist running is still a concept I can't get my head wrapped around. My husband loves it!

    I'd love to hear more about how you like it.

  4. Elle - true, I guess!

    Jill - I'll put up the next post in the series this Friday, but suffice it to say it changed my running game. Injuries gone, endurance up. I'll never go back.