30 August 2011

When in doubt, build a fort

I'm trying to start having ongoing projects, for a couple of reasons:

1.  To channel my inner creativity, since I have very creative children who always want to make something.

2.  To make my home into a space that reflects my tastes and style, rather than a bunch of stuff thrown into a room.

3.  To do #s 1 and 2 on my terms, with projects that I will enjoy.

For motivation and accountability, I am linking up with A Bowl Full of Lemons for her One Project at a Time Tuesday link up party.

Man, I am feeling the pressure now.  And this week was very uncreative for me, because it was busy busy busy and ended with a fantastic weekend trip to Italy with my grandmother for a wedding.

So, today I am going to share what we make when we can't or don't want to create.  This is our go-to creative project that happens at least once a week.

Are you ready for our brilliance?

Behold, I present to you,


Yes, my friends, the classic fort is alive and well.  Its design is new every time, as well as its purpose.  It's a foolproof way to get the kiddos working together to achieve a common goal.

Help me out by following my attempt at creativity.  You can see all the way more creative people and their projects over at A Bowl Full of Lemons Tuesday link up party.  I'm hoping this strategy will serve to inspire rather than intimidate.

A girl can dream.

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