08 August 2011


Great Ideas:
The Puzzle Tas
and Speelotheek

Maybe I've lived overseas for too long, but I have never before seen this at a library in the states.  The children's library in our town has a section where you can borrow

...you guessed it...


Each puzzle has a sheet of plexiglass over the top with rubber bands so the pieces don't go everywhere.  If you check one out, it comes with a bright red bag (to remind you to bring it back, I suppose).

There is also a separate place next door called a speelotheek, which is a library for toys.  It costs 12 euro per year, and .50 per toy.  You check them out for 2 weeks at a time.  Great idea for those short on space, or who want to keep the toy chaos under control.

Has anyone ever seen this before at your local libraries?


  1. Wow, I am constantly learning new things from you. I haven't seen that before, but the speelotheek is an awesome concept, especially for little people who tire of having the same toys all the time.

  2. It's amazing, isn't it, how we can all live here in the same place but have such different experiences. I learned about the speelotheek from K's babysitter...she's a wealth of information.