15 August 2011


More Favorite Things:
On the Bandwagon

I know people have been blogging all over about this, but that's because it's worth it.

And because it's addictive.

Go check out Pinterest.  It is a place to keep all the cool things you run across while you are wasting time procrastinating researching things on the internet.

You can organize them however you like, and you can follow what your friends are pinning, or the boards of people whose sense of style you share.

And while you are at it, click on that red button on the right that says "Follow me on Pinterest."  I'm just getting started, so I only have a few things on there so far.  But seriously, once you get going, it's hard to stop.  

It's my new favorite thing to do while Surfin the Net.

1 comment:

  1. Right there with you my friend...lovin it!