24 August 2011



Probably when I admit this fact, every productivity expert in the history of time will cough, sputter, and gag.

But I'm going to do it anyway, because today is Works for Me Wednesday, and this strategy works for me.

sometimes there is no end in sight
I do a little bit of a lot of things throughout my day.

At any one time I have 3-4 projects or tasks going.  Oh sure, you say, so do I.  Everyone does it.  It's the nature of the high technology time.

But the reason I do it is not so I get more stuff done throughout the day.  Well, duh, I want that too.  And yet, it's not my primary motivation.
the big picture -
often daunting but beautiful

I do it so I can abandon a project when I hit a wall.  Then I move on to another project, and so on.

Call it procrastination, but I've found that if I come up against a particularly difficult step, it's better for me to leave it and come back later when I'm fresh.  If I have more than one thing going, I can still feel like I've accomplished something since I can move on and get some other things done.

The thing that makes this possible, though, is the way I make my to-do list.  Breaking it down.  Because the big picture, the final product, is often daunting.

I think, though, that a post about the mighty To-Do is another project for another day.


  1. Can't wait to hear about the To-Do list. I am always trying something new, but nothing seems to "stick". And with three of the kiddos, I am sure you have it all figured out. So I will just copy you. ;-)

  2. You are seriously lightning quick with your comments, Jen. I'm on it - it's coming in a couple weeks.