02 March 2012

Five Minute Friday: Ache

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Five Minute Friday again?!?! Seriously, this whirlwind stuff has got to slow down! Am I right? At least I have the privilege of stopping everything for five sweet minutes and writing because I want to write.
Got five minutes? Come and write with us, we promise to tell you we loved it! 
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Here is a problem with the English language. This one word can cover every emotion, sensation, and meaning from birth to death.
It comes with the fantastic feeling I get when I have a great run, which hurts but I want to feel it.
It bursts from my heart when my child comes home sad after a hard day at school.
It warns me of impending illness, before any other symptoms appear.
And, it reminds me of the things I have lost. The people I cannot see, and the opportunities that were taken away.

And yet much in the same way that the ache predictably comes after a long run, but I run anyway just so I can feel it, the emotional aches are what remind me of my gift of empathy. Of the opportunities that are still in front of me, and of the people that are standing here, loving me. 

The ache keeps me alive. The feelings keep my soul awake. Even with the pain, I never want them to go.