12 March 2012

Funday Monday: The Dirty Life

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I read an awesome book recently called The Dirty Life:

It's a memoir about this Manhattan girl who falls in love with a farm boy. Love wins out, and she ditches her city life and buys a farm in upstate New York, marries the guy, and begins her life running a co-op designed to provide everything needed to feed a whole community. 

It's a little about starting a farm and a lot about jumping in over your head and somehow learning to swim. 

I was riveted from start to finish, both because of the style of the writing as well as the content. The author was (is) a journalist, and her writing reflects it. Her drastic transition from Manhattanite in the City that Never Sleeps to Essex Farm owner and rising with the sun makes for some entertaining and educational stories.

I am interested in homesteading, so the tale appealed to me. But even if you aren't, the foundation of the book is enough to fascinate a broad audience, so you should read it.

In my humble opinion.

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